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Monday, June 24, 2013

S. Park Street - Dahlonega

In a North Georgia college town where the trend of running shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, & flip flops appear to go straight from the track & field in to town; it's charming to see young people make an effort to dress the part of an evening shopping and dining in a Southern Appalachian Mountain town.


  1. I must admit I am a die hard flip flop wearer...even in winter I will darn my lovelies. My feet are so darkly tanned because of this. I just can't give up my comfort for fashion. I have branched out and gotten leather ones, at least. But it is nice to see younger people looking nice and taking care of themselves..for sure!

  2. I personally like men mesh shorts for casual use. In the evening shopping and having coffee, it pleased me because it provide me easiness and comfort. I relax in it that's it!

  3. pretty girl and beautiful place North Georgia college town i love that