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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Decatur Arts Festival - Sun Hats

An essential accessory for a southern street festival is the sun hat. Nothing adds a dash of southern charm like it. I can remember my grandmother wearing hers all those summers I'd spend with her as a kid hunting down a yard sale or by the pool as she watched my cousins and I swim. I believe we made jokes of it a few times. However, the years go by and hat trends may come and go, but the sun hat will always remind me of her as a symbol of elegance and unrelenting charm.

The best dress at the festival. It has bicycles!

...and men can wear them also!


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  2. Loving the bike print sundress : )

  3. This hat really protects you from harsh sun without overheating your head. It fairly covers your face and neck. It can be mildly reshaped. It looks very good on both men and women, though it tends to collect dirt very easily. Either way it is easy to wash.
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